"Another dancer that easily kept the audience on their toes was Roni Chadash with her solo And All That Body, a new chapter in her ongoing quest to decipher the mystery of her own body. Chadash seems to look for a way to distance herself from her body, in order to better understand it. In the meantime, she developed an original somatic language, using her impressive flexibility to activate and manipulate her own performing moves, which she doesn’t seem to enjoy much yet. But we do. Her stage persona is inquisitive and innocent, and her kinesthetic choices seem to surprise her, like they surprised and delighted us" 

"Undoubtedly, as a creator as well as a performer, she has something special, personal and original to offer the audience, who are eager for her challenging body insights"

"Chadash is endowed with extraordinary flexibility, which allows her to invent new and unimagined ways to move. In an impressive display of physical intelligence, performed with a rare combination of skill, confidence and modesty,  Chadash moves along the length and breadth of the stage.."

"As a result, the organizing principle of the movement seems to be the observation of a new inward into the musculoskeletal system of her body, and a deep listening to the motives that arise from it and form into physical action." 

"And the bizarre beauty of this expressive, twisting, gushing body that exudes rage and yearning sweeps us to try and understand this mystery of the body - an endless and simultaneous archive, the absolute repository"