"These two pieces by Israeli dancer-choreographer Roni Chadash were the most concise and potent dance performances I've seen in years. In No-body, Chadash performed on the back of a pick-up truck in the basement of the Rose Hotel parking lot. At first, she moved from one sexually suggestive pose to another. She looked self-possessed and in control. Then she lay down, her head disappeared from sight, her body moving in resistance to an invisible force -- legs pried apart, rising chest pressed down, crotch and inner thighs grabbed. In making us watch a female body -- human identity erased -- fight and succumb to something more powerful than itself, Chadash brought sexual violence to the eye level and forced us to face an objectified and violated body...

Chadash's choreography was intelligent and visually arresting. And she's an artist who dares to be tough with her audience."

"Chadash manages to tell a story full of emotions by setting a new perspective of the viewer.. such a simple way that allows to perceive the body and movement differently."

"Her works are fascinatingly spectacular and technically perfect... she is a choreographer-analyst and dancer-researcher, who studied the body far and wide and composed her own, unknown technique of owning this crazy body. When the muscles turn off, the bones disappear, only a mass resembling a dough remains. And from it sprout hands or some other, not quite distinguishable limbs."