After a long period of behaving as an invertebrate animal, not knowing where is my spine in life and why do i need it for, i saw myself giving my whole being to other people and eventually - demolished myself and my healthy ego.





Roni's first Video work, Created on December 2015. The video, choreography and performance were all taken by Roni with a very powerful need to create and no budget (the white background and floor are from cheap paper).  Yet, the video gained worldwide recognition in seconds and became very popular among social networks. 

 Moreover, "Spineless" was chosen to be screened at many dance film festivals including: POOL (Berlin), Dotdotdot (Vienna), TDFF (San Francisco), PalmaDanza (Palma de Mallorca) and Tendenzen (Germany). 

"Spineless, a clever short by Israeli dancer/choreographer Roni Chadash in which the framing creates trickery right before our eyes. Her back is completely hidden, and the expressive, gestural movement of Chadash’s arms and head in the frame, along with the absence of the rest of her torso, creates an almost freakish illusion"