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The class starts with a soft floor warm up, which focuses on giving weight, using the edges and joints of the body as an engine for movement, releasing muscle work, extending the body to space and more elements mostly taken from release technic and feldenkrais, adapted to my own research of the body and its possibilities.
As the class continues, we find our way up to standing, having some more dynamic & flowing exercises, in which I focus on different elements such as: moving in space, traveling to the floor and reverse, twisting the body, separation of body parts, increasing the rage of movement. 
In those exercises, we play with different body qualities and textures in order to change the way we are approaching the exercise and the never-ending possibilities of the WAY we move the same thing.

After warming up and getting some high energy to the body and a strong connection to the impulses of the body, the second part of the class start, with a very open minded combination.
 I first teach the material as is, then I start to let the dancers break those combination into their own interpretation and impulses. There are no counts and the main principle is freedom, and letting the body talk in real time, while “we” are observing it.  
The purpose of this part of class is to work from impulses of the body inside the frame of the combination and not working from the mind or how we catch the movement we see in our brain. 
This part of the class usually go very deep, physically and emotionally, and for some it is very therapeutic.

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