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My most valuable value is freedom.

I want to give freedom to the body. 

I want to give freedom to women. 

I want to give freedom to dancers.

I want to give freedom to myself. 

I want to give freedom to the meaning of dance. 


I was born in 1990, raised in a small-yet-very-rich village in the center of Israel. I suffered socially growing up, as the most important thing  seemed to be how much money you have and if you have a pool in your back yard or not.  I know this does not sound like real suffer. 

I tried almost any type of dance; through hip-hop to acrobatics to ballet to flamenco to whatever jazz lesson and I loved it all like crazy until the moment I got bored from it. Like most relationships. I stopped dancing when I was 18 and spent two years at a prestig intelligence unit. Got bored.  After two years in front of a computer my body was asking for something and I tried to listen. I decided to spend the following year at the Vertigo dance workshop. I didn't had a specific aim to make a career out of it, I just wanted to spend some quality time with my body after sitting in front of a computer for 2 years.  Somehow, I found myself continuing to another year of studies at the Sadna (Kibbutz Gaaton).  I was very critical  as a dancer and suffered from doing  materials that asked me to insert my body to empty beautiful/sexy patterns in order to entertain the audience. So I hated to go auditioning. but who likes it? I tried in Israel as well as abroad and never felt like I really wanted to get into any of this puppet companies in which dancers are more entertainers/models than smart-wild-magical bodies. I felt I have something to give to this  world, especially after seeing how many idiots allow themselves to create their own company. And that was the point I started realizing what I was really looking for. In 2015 I created my ever first video dance; put some white papers on the floor of my neighbors yard, painted the back wall in white, and filmed myself doing a small dance that became a success. Today, I can't watch it as i'm too embarrassed from how dramatic I was. I decided to develop it into a solo for stage, 'Ani-Ma' that received some awards for its originality in Israel and abroad. I spent the following 3 years giving my body the space and time it was asking for. I created few solo works and learned a lot about my taste and body language. Still learning.  The hunger to collaborate with other bodies came by itself, and since 2018 i'm exploring how I can share my practice with others and go for this unknown journey together. did you read until here? nice! now come to see a performance and get out of your phone. 


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