“And so their limbs have merged into a solid unity, there were no more two creatures - but their doubled-nature, neither a woman nor a man, is neither this, nor that; but nevertheless, this and that it is."
Metamorphoses, Book IV by Ovid

Choreography: Roni Chadash
Performers: Maya Schwartz, Ido Barak
Costume advisor: Reut Shaibe 

Video: Daniel Pakes 
Length: 22 minutes

'BODY #1' premiered online on December 2020 as part of International Exposure, Suzanne Dellal. 
'BODY #1' was created with the support of the Israeli Ministry of Culture, Suzanne Dellal and the Israeli Choreographers Association.


"Chadash manages to find a poetic  expression for the built-in second that Obidius points to - the one that contains the two, the 'apart' within the 'together'"