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“The possession of firm and confident opinions, urges and lusts, owning a permanent and identified character - all amounts to the horror of turning our soul into fact, into material, into its own externalization. Life is a delicate, fluid state of unknowing, unknowing about all things and about yourself.” Fernando Pessoa

For too many years I’ve been practicing control over my body.
But since when is it legit to rise over my body
Calling it mine
A body which is nature, Infinite, wild.

Choreography & Performance: Roni Chadash

Rehearsal Manager: Dana Shoval

Artistic Advisor: Maya Brinner

Length: 13 minutes

"Me, and all of that body" premiered on November 2019 as part of Curtain Up Festival 2019 and enjoyed the support of Mifal Hapais as well as Festival Korespondance which hosted part of the creative process.


"Another dancer that easily kept the audience on their toes was Roni Chadash with her new solo, a new chapter in her ongoing quest to decipher the mystery of her own body.. she developed an original somatic language, using her impressive flexibility to activate and manipulate her own performing moves, 

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