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In today’s stage medium, both the performer and the choreographer are required to sacrifice a certain part of the belonging of the body to itself; Whether it is for the audience, for the choreographer or for the ‘shape’ / ‘image’ that the body serves.

We wonder about this “service” of the body and the desire to continue to be bound by it.

However, today, when the patterns of cliche femininity images are implanted in our bodies without our will -  is there any way to slip away? Being a body without an image? And what are the implications of the opposite situation - an image without a body? 

Choreography: Roni Chadash
Perfomers: Carmel Ben Asher & Roni Chadash
Dramaturgy: Yael Biegon-Citron
Artistic Advisor: Maya Brinner
Rehearsal Manager: Dana Shoval
Music: Noa Ayali
Length: 25 minutes

"Victims & Images" premiered on November 2018 as part of Curtain Up Festival 2018 and enjoyed the support of Garage21 (Corfu) and Meever (Mitzpe Ramon) which hosted parts of the creative process. 

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"Both dancers have impressive control of their bodies and Hadash’s curious, highly distinctive body’s perception had already produced original characteristics consistently, which sets her apart from any of her contemporaries."

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