Choreography & Performance: Roni Chadash

Rehearsal Manager: Dana Shoval

Artistic Advisor: Odelya Kuperberg

Length: 15 minutes

'Ani-Ma premiered' as part of Shades in Dance Festival, 2015, Suzanne Dellal.

Awards: Best performer (MASDANZA 2016), Jury award (Shades in Dance 2015), Best performer award (Soloduo 2016), Audience award (FKM 2016), Audience award (BCDC 2016),  PARTS award (BCDC 2016), Alexander Izralovski award (FKM 2016), 3rd Prize of the jury (MASH 2016) 

“I try to shed what I’ve learned,

I try to forget the way I was taught to remember,

And scrape off the ink they painted my senses with,

Unpack my true emotions,

Unwrap myself to be me,

a human animal created by Nature"

Fernando Passoa


"I left the theater totally amazed in front of a dance performance, which was at the same time idiosyncratic, introvert, enigmatic, strange and tormented"

"Her stage presence is intriguing and fascinating, not only because of the high level of her performance and precision, but also due to the artistic choices that led Chadash to create an original movement field of her own"

"Chadash has created fascinating images.. and she does so in a fluid continuous movement and powerful flexibility"


"Chadash's solo achieves to get to the essence of movement and great clarity, and there is something refreshing about it, not trying to fill the void with movement. The fact the despite the intimacy, she does not reach to eros and fervor, keeps her creation full of secrets"