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Choreography: Roni Chadash
Performers: Sophie Ormiston, Iris Posthumus, Klil Ela Rotsthain, Gil Amishai, Shafiki Sseggayi, Yannis Brissot, Ido Stirin, Kaine Ward
Rehearsal Manager: Wencke Kriemer De Matos 
Sound Design: Donato Deliano 
stume Design: Magali Gerberon​
Light Design: Oskar Bosman
Set Design: Sibylle Pfeiffer
Stage Manager: Isolde Noll
Dramaturgy: Silke Meier-Brosicke
Length: 50 minutes

'Body #whatever' was created for Staatstheater Kassel's new dance company: 'Tanz Kassel' and premiered on the 26/9/21. The piece was the first premiere of the season of the new company.


" United in a close embrace, the eight dancers switch through all possible combinations, meet in an almost brutal collision that is diametrically opposed to the intimate gesture of embracing...strong images, impressive  and precise dance performance"

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