Choreography & Performance: Roni Chadash

Rehearsal Manager: Dana Shoval

Music Set: Adam Gorlizki

Length: 18 minutes

"Goofy" premiered on August 2016, as part of Tel-Aviv Dance Festival, Suzanne Dellal. 

The piece received the Jury Award of MASDANZA 2019.

"To the woman he said.. and your desire shall be to your husband, and he shall rule over you." Genesis 3:16

A pointless attempt of understanding when I lost my innocence and how my amorphous body transformed into the known and common creature called a woman.


"that cheeky young-woman radiance of vague Sylvia Plath flair, highest present, modern and sophisticated – right down to the Chadash familiar revolt of body parts."

"Chadash brings the dance back to the initial wonder of being inside a body and the awkward, wonderful, tortured, funny intimacy of a creature / man / woman with her own body. She does not let go of this existential question. What to do with all of this body?"

"Chadash's solo achieves to get to the essence of movement and great clarity, and there is something refreshing about it, not trying to fill the void with movement. The fact the despite the intimacy, she does not reach to eros and fervor, keeps her creation full of secrets"

"I left the theater totally amazed in front of a dance performance, which was at the same time idiosyncratic, introvert, enigmatic, strange and tormented"

"Her stage presence is intriguing and fascinating, not only because of the high level of her performance and precision, but also due to the artistic choices that led Chadash to create an original movement field of her own"

"These two pieces by Israeli dancer-choreographer Roni Chadash were the most concise and potent dance performances I've seen in years."

"Chadash's choreography was intelligent and visually arresting. And she's an artist who dares to be tough with her audience."