Choreography: Roni Chadash

Performers: Amit Zaretsky, Italy Bibas, Dan Burstein, Carmel Ben Asher, Roni Chadash 

Rehearsal Manager: Dana Shoval

Artistic advice/Dramaturgy: Maya Brinner, Yael Biegon-Citron, Ami Shalev

Custome Design: Omri Alvo 

Original Cast: Tamr Honig

Light Design: Ofer Läufer

Length: 45 minutes

'Chapters of Joy' premiered as part of 'Curtain Up' Festival 2020 under the direction of Oded Graf and Dana Ruttenberg.

'Chapters of Joy' was created with the support of Bora Bora Residency Center, Mifal Hapais, Suzanne Dellal, Klor Dance Center, Yad Harif Dance Center and 'The Aquarium' Project by Fresco. 

About dance, about dancers, about music, about passion, about Bach, about classics, about modernism, about being watched, about personalities, about freedom, about parties, about baroque, about dance styles, about letting go, about embarrassment, about sex, about dance circles, about joy, about sensuality, about love for the past, about love for the present, about mixing things, about Roni, about Dan, about Carmel, about Amit, about Itay, about childishness, about beauty, about drama, about aesthetics, about shapes,, about everything, about nothing. 


"In front of the orderly pattern of the musical score, the choreography emerges as a growing burst of loose and playful movement that celebrates the liveliness of the present, in which the dancers seem to voluntarily lose themselves in the inertia of the dance"